The Main Committee 2017/18 is made up as follows:

  • Chair: Vacant (Committee Meetings will be chaired by the trustees in turn).
  • Vice Chair: Vacant.
  • General Secretary: Mark Howells.
  • Minutes Secretary: David Evans.
  • Treasurer: Dick Benn.
  • Membership Secretary: Chris Pennington.
  • Fundraising Officer: Ella Huffman.
  • Media and Publicity Officer: Anthea Duquemin.
  • Website Manager: David Scarbrough.
  • Education Committee and Inclusive Education Project Leader: Emma Sarton.
  • School Linking and Comic Relief Libraries and Reading Project Leader: Penny Pullen.
  • Water and Environment Subcommittee Leader: Vacant.
  • Health and Welfare Subcommittee Leader: Alex Taylor.
  • Women and Disabilities Subcommittee Leader: Anthea Duquemin.
  • Other Committee Members: John Rainger, Gentian Dyer.

To contact any committee member, please use the contact message facility on the Contact Us page of this website.

Folla School