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We aim to support people with disabilities to develop their capacities and maximise their opportunities for self-reliance


Supporting students with hearing impairment to attend secondary school.

Since 2013 Exeter Ethiopia Link has supported young people with hearing loss who graduate from the Nekemte School for the Deaf to continue on to secondary school. We successfully campaigned, with the School for the Deaf, for signing teachers to be provided in some mainstream schools and we have continued to find ways that enable students with hearing loss to pursue their studies, with several winning places at university.

Help us by contributing to our Sponsorship Scheme.

Currently we are supporting a group of 35 students to study in Grades 9 to 12. We fund tutorials that supplement the deaf students’ education and we operate an income generation scheme that enables the students to earn money to help maintain themselves while they study. Other support includes financial support for the Nekemte Deaf Association that conducts valuable advocacy work, and a Savings and Loans project.

Since 2016 we no longer ask sponsors to support named individuals, but instead operate a collective sponsorship scheme, through which we invite you to contribute to the costs of the group. We suggest sponsors might choose to contribute £180 a year, but any sum of money will be valuable and contribute to the future of these young people’s lives.   

To see how you can get involved in sponsorship, please see our Sponsorship page.


-  Exeter Ethiopia Link provides support for High Achieving Disabled or Disadvantaged students to access further education

-  Exeter Ethiopia Link has supported  the unit for children with Special Educational Needs at Birka Bekumsa Elementary School by providing funding for furniture and by donating resources.

-  The Inclusive Education Project is a 3 year project that identifies children with special needs and makes it possible for them to attend school, and also provides literacy courses and other support for adults with disabilities to encourage them to attend short courses and provide loans to help them set up income generating projects. You can read more about this project by looking at Current Projects on the Education Page of our website.

-  Exeter Ethiopia Link has supported the Nekemte ‘School for the Deaf’ with equipment and small grants for over 10 years and during that time hundreds of children have been supported to study and live lives where they can engage and function in ways that would not be possible in their previous settings.

-  Exeter Ethiopia Link also supported the setting up of a Learning Disability Unit for younger children at the School for the Deaf, with funding for furniture and resources.