Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement
  • To identify and support local partners in Wellega, Ethiopia, in order to stimulate sustainable community development.

Beliefs and Values
  • equal opportunities
  • empowerment of local communities
  • trust
  • respect for cultural values and beliefs
  • non-discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, religion or political views.

The Project Process
  1. to identify local Ethiopian partners;
  2. to communicate with these partners who will identify projects which we can support;
  3. once identified, to agree to resource, monitor and assess the ongoing management of the project;
  4. to identify ways of funding.

The Projects
  • Preliminary work will involve a needs assessment related to community requirements and human and financial resources.
  • This will identify if a project is:
  • likely to attract sufficient local commitment
  • suitable for our backing
  • in need of more extensive funding.

Project Time Scales
  • Projects will have a time-limited framework.
  • Our main aim will be to ensure a project's sustainable future.
  • There may be a continuing link with the institution.

Visits to Ethiopia
  • will be planned to identify and monitor projects with our Ethiopian partners on a regular basis;
  • will be structured and purposeful;
  • will preferably be in small groups of three or four people.

Folla School

Aims in Our Project Areas

Educational Institutions
To enable communities to develop their educational institutions with an emphasis on literacy, health and nutrition.

To enable communities to improve their health through improved water supply and fixed health facilities, and through nutritional improvement and health education.

Training skills
To enable communities to provide appropriate tralning in the fields of health, education, and practical and development skills.

To promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

Jan Greet Memorial Fund
To improve the situation of women.