Where We Work

Our community link is now mainly with Nekemte, a large town in the district of Wellega in western Ethiopia, about 220 miles west of the capital Addis Ababa.

We include the rural areas around Nekemte and a large village 60 miles away called Hareto where we began our link.

We have made many visits to the area in the last 20 years and established contacts in schools, clinics, the hospital, library, teacher training college and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Mekane Yesus.

The development arm of this last organisation is our local partner in Nekemte for project management.

Click here to see a Who's Who of the colleagues working with us in Nekemte.

NekemteEthiopia Vista with Meskel Daisies
NekemteA View of Nekemte
NekemteChurch of Mekane Yesus
NekemteStreet Scene and Mosque