Student Sponsorship

What is the Exeter Ethiopia Link Sponsorship programme?

Exeter Ethiopia Link (EEL) started its sponsorship programme in 2006, inviting members and friends of EEL to sponsor fees for young women from in and around Nekemte to attend the local university. Women who received sponsorship were those with good school grades, and were selected because they came from families who had no possibility of affording university fees. The programme was successful in supporting over 30 women to attend university with more than two thirds graduating at the end of three years’ study. This programme is now closed, but for more information please click here.

During 2015 we reassessed our sponsorship programme and have developed a new approach that we hope you or someone you know can support. We now focus on collective, rather than individual sponsorship. For more on our approach to sponsorship please read here.

Could you help a young Ethiopian with hearing impairment to attend secondary school?

Since 2013 Exeter Ethiopia Link has supported young people with hearing loss who graduate from the Nekemte School for the Deaf to continue on to secondary school. We now need to find accommodation for the students and we are looking for sponsors to help us keep these young people in education

Folla School

As well as covering the accommodation and food costs for these students, Exeter Ethiopia Link has committed to provide additional tuition, books and medical care. We aim to set up an income generating project for the students, enabling them to raise money to contribute to their support, but we need help from Exeter Ethiopia Link’s members and friends to raise the necessary funds.

For more detailed information on why the students need help, please download the Exeter Ethiopia Link Information sheet on sponsoring students with hearing impairment, or go to the People with Disabilities page.

How you can help

The total cost for each student is approximately £210 a year to cover accommodation, food, tuition, books and medical care. We ask parents to provide a small contribution to these costs (most parents, coming from rural areas, have very limited funds) and we expect students to raise some money themselves.

We therefore estimate that an additional £180 will support one student with hearing impairment to continue their secondary school studies for one year.

We are not proposing that you sponsor a named individual student, but rather, that you contribute to the costs of the group. The reasons for this are explained above, under our approach to sponsorship.

We hope to find enough sponsors to cover the costs of the whole group of students with hearing impairment who are continuing into secondary education. If we don’t, we will fund-raise for whatever extra money we need.

We suggest sponsors might choose to contribute £180 a year, but any sum of money will be valuable and contribute to the future of these young people’s lives,

What will your support achieve?

Since Exeter Ethiopia Link began supporting these students they have made excellent progress. Out of the 37 students who were supported last year five (three boys and two girls) passed the equivalent of their A Level exams and won University places in Addis Ababa. They are the first young people in Western Ethiopia with hearing impairment to go to university.

Also in 2015, seven students from this group successfully passed their Grade 10 exams (GCSE equivalent) and won places at preparatory school to study for Grade 11-12 exams (A-Level equivalent).

A reflection of their achievement is that in 2014:

  • only 3% of all Ethiopian Children got into preparatory school
  • outside Addis Ababa only 28 young people with hearing impairment got into Grade 11 in the whole of Ethiopia

An additional seven students from this group successfully passed their Grade 10 exams and got into vocational college to learn skills such as ICT and building.

What you will receive.

We will send all contributors to these students’ education an annual update of the group’s progress. Because we aim not to create a sense of paternalism we don’t request letters or other forms of direct reporting from the students. But you will have the knowledge that you are providing motivated young people with a start in life that would otherwise be impossible for them.


  • A one-off donation for the year of £180
  • Monthly donations of £15/month
  • Some other amount, monthly or one-off, that you choose
You can pay by one of these methods:
  • Online at Mydonate – one-off or regular amounts

    (Please note that an incorrect web address for the Mydonate page is given in the printed version of the Sponsorship brochure. The above address and the address included in the downloadable version of the brochure are correct.)

  • Direct Debit – one-off or regular amount
    please request a form from EEL Treasurer
    Dick Benn

  • Cheque by post – for one-off donation.
    Please write your cheque to Exeter Ethiopia Link and post it to
    Sponsorship for Students,
    23 Beacon Road,
    Exeter EX5 4NT


If you have any questions or comments about this project please contact Anthea Duquemin and title your email: EEL student sponsorship scheme