We aim to support people with disabilities to develop their capacities and maximise their opportunities for self-reliance

Current Project

Inclusive Education

Project Background

The project works across 20 primary schools and 8 secondary schools supporting children with disability in schools.

It works to improve access to education for children with disability, develop a welcoming ethos to ensure they stay in school and then provide improved learning.

Project Start Date September 2018
Duration 2 Years 9 months

Funds £50,000 from UK AID (Small Charities Challenge Fund) 


1) Running Disability Associations and Parent Support Groups with Village Saving and Loan Associations (7 Supported) to support parents to have income to send children with disabilities to school (ACCESS)

2) Provision of Assistive Devices to Children (and Adults). (ACCESS)

3) Setting up of disability clubs in schools (ETHOS)

4) Training of Teachers in Improved Teaching of Children with Disabilities (LEARNING OUTCOMES)

5) Additional Tutorials for children with disabilities in Grade 10 and 12 to support them in key exams (LEARNING OUTCOMES)


In 2020/21, the project is supporting 306 children with disabilities in schools. Over the duration of the project over 1000 children with disabilities have been supported.
In partnership with Vision Aid Overseas, the project has identified around 600 additional children with a visual impairment. Over 480 have been provided with medicine, 40 have been referred to hospital for surgery and 90 children have been provided with spectacles. An additional 230 people have received assistive devices such as crutches and callipers over the duration of the project.

In the last four years over 20 students with hearing impairment have been supported through secondary schools passing their final exams and then going on to access university.
Twenty disability clubs are running in schools.

Seven Disability Associations and or Parent Groups are running. During the Covid pandemic 170 members of the associations were supported with soap, oil, fertilizer and seeds.

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