We aim to assist communities to develop their educational institutions and to ensure that everyone can access education, with emphasis on literacy, health and nutrition.

Current Project

Libraries and Literacy Project

Project Background 

The project works across 20 schools (10 schools a year). Across target schools, the average literacy rate for grade 2/3 is 35% (February 2020 Baseline). All schools have libraries (developed by EEL) and a librarian (Funding provided by EEL) but they have been identified as needing more furnishing and books to meet the demands from the students. An additional 14 schools have a librarian employed with funding from EEL.

Project Start Date Jan 2020
Duration 2 Years
Funds £50,000 UK AID (Small Charities Challenge Fund)


1) Training and Implementation of Improved Assessment of Reading in Schools
2) Training in Teaching of Reading and Provision of Mini books to Practice Reading
3) Provision of additional furniture and books for each of the libraries.
4) Continued employment of the 34 librarians
5) The mini books are made by students with hearing impairment attending secondary school. They are paid to do this and use the funds to support themselves

Key Achievements

Currently over 13,000 students accessing libraries and 1000 books lent per month.

Thirty Four Librarians in employment which supports them with a livelihood and/or a means to continue to study.

Fifty Teachers Trained in delivering improved teaching of reading.

Bike Project

We have just started a bike project aimed at teaching girls to ride bikes as a way of developing their self-esteem. 
We are running 2 weekly bike clubs at secondary schools in Nekemte aimed at building girls self confidence.... One member described it as a 'breath of fresh air. Something to go beyond chores and school'

Past Achievements in the Education Field

  • - Support for Primary school buildings; provision of school desks, library furniture and funds to support the development of primary schools by the local community, initially in Hareto, and in Nekemte and surrounding rural area.
  • - Science Equipment for Schools.
  • - Nekemte School Libraries Project – Initiating and fostering the development of school libraries (furniture and books) in Primary Schools where previously there were none. All the earlier funding was directly from Exeter-Ethiopia Link, but since 2012 this project has been supported by UK Trusts with grants totalling £20,000.  
  • - Instigating the School Libraries Award Scheme and training primary school librarians in good practice ensuring good use of the library. Funding community librarians for some rural school
  • - Supporting the setting up and resourcing of reading rooms for grade 1 – 4 children in primary schools, and training teachers to use these centres. 
  • - Nekemte area Early Learning Project – supporting the education of children below the age of 6, where previously there was none. Also supported with over £3000 from grant-making trusts, and now being developed further through a link between Plymouth University and Nekemte Teacher Training College. Development of playgrounds for Early Learning using local resources.
  • - Initiating and supporting 14 partnership links between schools in Devon and schools in the Nekemte area.  
  • - Setting up and resourcing a Cluster Training Centre. Employment of Ethiopian Education Manager through DASSC to manage EEL Education Projects.
  • - Supporting the development of two centres for learning disabled children, including the introduction of vocational training.

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