Who We Work With

Exeter-Ethiopia Link’s key Ethiopian partner since its inception in 1987 has been the ‘Development & Social Service Commission’ (DASSC) of the Mekane Yesus Church (EECMY) – Central Synod. DASSC is a registered Ethiopia NGO engaged in development work which operates separately from the Mekane Yesus church organisation. 

Our Project Team in Nekemte

We'd like to introduce you to some of the people in Nekemte who make it possible for us to carry out our projects. 

Gobena is a former teacher and worked in teacher training for more
than 40 years before joining EEL in 2013. He is still going strong and working
tirelessly for our community. He is our star member when it comes to

Gobena Atomasa

Project Manager

Temesgen is a Former teacher and worked for thegovernment education office for
36 years before joining EEL back in 2013. He is as dedicated as ever and is
serving our community tirelessly with his wealth of experience and skills.
He is unmatched when it comes to organizing documents and we have
loads and loads.

Temesgen Gemechu

Project Manager

Shibiru joined EEL seven years ago and has many years of experience
working for different organisations (government & NGOs ).
If any work needs community mobilisation, he is the first person to
speak to.

Shibiru Jaldu

Social Worker

Murti is a former biochemist and joined EEL two
years ago as a volunteer.
She loves cycling but says it's not something she is so good at.

Murti Uma

EEL Project Manager




Our community link is now mainly with Nekemte, a large town in the district of Wellega in western Ethiopia, about 220 miles west of the capital Addis Ababa.

We include the rural areas around Nekemte and a large village 60 miles away called Hareto where we began our link.

The map below is interactive. Use ctrl+scroll to zoom in and out. Click and hold to drag the map.

We also work in partnership with these organisations:

Exeter University Medical Schools

Exeter University Medical School is building a link with Wellega University Medical School sponsored by the Tropical Health Education Trust. Exeter-Ethiopia Link collaborates with this new link when appropriate.

Nekemte Teacher Training College – Plymouth University

Plymouth University Education Department is working to develop teacher training for the early years at Nekemte Teacher Training College and collaborates on this with Exeter-Ethiopia Link

Asociación Enlace Estepona-Etiopía

This link between Estepona in Andalucia, Spain and Nekemte, Ethiopia was set up by Richard Hayes and Emilie Tieken who had served as VSO volunteers in Nekemte in 2009-11. It works together with the Exeter-Ethiopia Link in supporting projects in and around Nekemte. (Facebook Page)

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