The Year of the Teacher

Exeter Ethiopia Link is committed to supporting education in Nekemte from early years through to university level. This year we are focusing on the importance of our teachers and looking for ways to support and enhance their teaching skills.

Our Funding Focus for 2024

  • The situation
    Teachers need new text books to support the new curriculum. There is a new Year 8 exam which pupils are required to pass to gain access to High School. Recent results show a pass rate of 5%. This will inevitably lead to more children dropping out of education if we do not take action.
  • The way we can help
    Provide appropriate text books to support teachers in delivering the new curriculum 
  • The cost
    Each text book costs £3. We aim to buy 700 text books at a cost of £2100
  • The things we can do
    Level 1. Easy
    Click here to donate. Remember, £3 (the price of a cup of coffee) will buy one book.

    Level 1. Easy 
    Invite your friends and family over for a coffee instead of meeting in a cafe. Ask them to pay £3 for the cuppa.

    Level 1. Easy
    Look out for sponsorship events and support them by donating.

    Level 2. Moderate 
    Organise an activity for which you could be sponsored. It could be a litter pick or a walk or a sponsored healthy eating week. It will motivate you to do something good and to raise money for a great cause . Contact if you would like help with sponsorship forms. We can share your activity on our facebook page and in our news updates.

    Level 3. Harder
    Organise an event. Perhaps a supper for friends, an Ethiopian cookery evening, a talk, a book swap, a clothes swap, selling something you have made.

    Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” George Washington Carver.
    Text books hand the keys to our teachers.

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